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Crown Protection Services Dog Section operates in partnership with our Dog Training Centre, which is run by our team of trainers, canine biologists and veterinary surgeons from our licensed kennels which is the largest working dog facility in Europe.

All CPS operational working dogs including patrol dogs and search and detection dogs for which we are renowned, are owned and trained by us at our exclusive licensed kennels.

Dogs produced at our centre can be seen working for every police force in the UK

Specialist dog service–Due to the sensitivity of this service please contact our team on 0208 205 6000

* Security Patrol Dog Units / Emergency response
* Canine/Camera units for comprehensive surveillance and detection
* Search and Detection Dog Units (sniffer dogs)/ Scent Discrimination Dogs/Tracking
* Contraband Search and Detection Dogs /Drug Search Dogs
* Body Recovery Dogs (cadaver) / Clandestine Search Dogs
* General Purpose Dogs
* Property Protection
* Family Protection Dogs / Trained Protection Dogs/ Personal Protection Dogs

We also provide a comprehensive conference service including full building sweeps with detection sniffer dogs.


Residential and commercial guard dog services (including training) in London and the Home Counties.

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