Urban security

Crown Protection Services (CPS) pioneered the Neighbourhood Street Patrol and for over a decade has maintained it’s position of one of the leading security providers in the UK.

We provide a fully trained uniformed security officer with a patrol dog and a marked security vehicle. Our officers have mobile handsets to enable residents to communicate directly with the officer and our Control Centre, which allows participating residents a further point of contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our officers, wearing highly visible uniforms, patrol the area both in the fully liveried vehicle and on foot accompanied by the patrol dog. Our fully trained patrol dogs are added protection for the officer and allows a more proactive presence. The dog’s ability to detect any unusual activity over a vast area and diffuse situations is a great advantage for residential security.

The vehicle, when not being driven, is parked in a prominent position to serve as a notice that the area has a security patrol.

As CPS has a well established track record in street patrols, we have a good working relationship with the local police and regularly liaise with the local beat officer to provide a good point of contact and a quick response when required.

Our ‘Neighbourhood’ schemes are individually designed to best suit the patrol area.

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